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Muscle Toning Workouts and Nutrition
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Our Goal...

If you read over anything on this site, I would have you read this single paragraph as it helps sum up the entire objective we, the webmasters of, try to strive for. Toning Muscle, or building muscle tone, is a combination of lowering your bodyfat through proper diet and cardiovascular workouts and also implimenting the use of resistance technology to help build muscle mass. While some people strive for pure fat loss, and others strive for pure muscle mass, it is those who strive for toned muscles who define the middle grounds in the fitness world. We will attempt to help you through our free articles and our muscle toning discussion forums. Exercise Programs | Online Fitness Training

How to Effectively Tone Muscle

Muscle Toning Diagram
  • Eliminating Excess BodyFat
  • You must decrease the amount of bodyfat your body contains to allow muscle to become visible. You do this with a negative caloric diet and a workout routine that impliments cardiovascular training.
  • Building Muscle Mass
  • To give your muscles the appearence of being "toned", you must increase the size of your muscles by resistance training with either machine resistance or freeweight resistance. Jay Mel - Raw Iraq
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